Birkdale North Music Centre is a great place where children can have fun with music, and take part in inexpensive classes held at Birkdale North Primary School on Saturday mornings. Birkdale North Music Centre is for all children aged 5 to school year 8.

Children can start at the age of 5 with Introduction to Music. All children between 6 and 9 start with two basic years. In the first year they start with lessons on the recorder. In their second year they can choose either keyboard or recorder.

After the two basic years the students can go on to learn an instrument of their choice from the following...

Flute      Clarinet      Oboe

Violin      Cello      Guitar

Trombone      Trumpet     Saxophone

You can enrol online, click here to do so!

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  • Two basic years prepare students to learn an instrument of their choice.

  • Music theory tuition is available to supplement students' practical instrument lessons.

  • Students of any level may also join the choir.

  • Flute is one of several woodwind instruments on offer.

  • Jazz group is a fun environment to learn skills such as improvisation.

  • Orchestra provides the opportunity to develop ensemble skills and prepare for playing in school bands.

  • Saxophone is one of several woodwind instruments on offer.